So…. Hi Everyone.

I’ve been a lazy, bad, lazy, lazy boy. Skyrim broke. Pissed me off. Now i have it kind of working again. Going to fix up Grub. May have to make a new save. Carry on the story. Continue writing in short sentences. Most of which end rather abruptly. For a bit longer. Perhaps. Maybe. Ok, I’m done.

Seriously though, if there is anyone out there still waiting on an update that i promised 4 months ago sorry. You can breathe now, no really, I’m not sure why you’ve been holding your breath this long. Also, I am impressed. Four months of breath holding, that is a feat. Anyway enough rambling. Time to fix Skyrim up. Wish me luck. I think I will need it. Update will be coming in a few days or tomorrow. Who knows? Thank you all if you’re still here though, i really appreciate the patience through this quiet spell I went through.

Part 15: Thinking Fast

Thud, Thwack, Thud, Thwack! The only noise Grub heard as he charged across the charged across the narrow bridge between the College and the town of Winterhold. Grub lost his footing and slipped but the guard rail caught him and he was able to stay standing and pushed on. He flew past the gate guard and as he ran to the door of the Frozenhearth he was praying to Julianos and the Eight other divines that Klem and Inigo would be there. Grub yanked the door open and tumbled in slamming into one of the patrons and spinning around on his false leg. He grabbed hold of one of the support beams and managed to stop his fall and shouted “Klem! Inigo!?”

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Random Post (Sorry for my rather long disappearing act)

Well, it has been a month since my last post. I don’t have a good reason for not giving you guys any updates. Just kinda lost my drive. Maybe I will find it. In the kitchen perhaps? Or maybe in the attic? Oh well.


All joking aside though I will try to power through this mental block. Don’t think I’ll accomplish much anytime soon though. Thank you all though for supporting me so far. Hopefully I will be able to get you guys a new chapter relatively soon.



Part 14: Run

Header 14

Grub awoke in his own bed alone and stretched. It had been a week since he had spoken to the Psijic Quaranir and hadn’t been able to speak to Savos or Ancano about leaving the College. Brelyna was out at Saarthal helping with the studies on the Magicka there. Klem and Inigo were gone, they had been forced out of the college by the Thalmor and decided they would go look for work while Grub tried to get out. They had been gone for a four days and would be back, if all went well in a week. They were

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Part 13: Triumphant Return

header 13

The ride to Winterhold was quiet, and they arrived just before midnight. Grub chose for them to stay at the Frozen Hearth as he didn’t want to disturb anyone at the College. He chatted with Nelecar until a strange gurgled cry came from his room and he sighed and said “Fuck! Why won’t that thing ever conjure correctly and be quiet!” Before he stormed off to his private room.

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Part 12: Legacies

header 12

Grub, Inigo and Klem stood before the great stone monastery of High Hrothgar. It was smaller than Grub expected but still impressive and was quiet. The trip had been largely uneventful, a single highwayman tried to rob them and Inigo had scared him off. Then there was a single Frost Troll on the 7000 steps. Grub had agreed to take some supplies up the stairs for one of the locals of Ivarstead, Klimek. He stood before the building admiring it. It looked as though it had stood for ten thousand years and would stand for ten thousand more. He approached the great doors on the left side of the entrance and shook off the snow that clung to his clothes and entered. The hall was as silent as a tomb and almost pitch black. In a small pool of light he saw four men in gray robes standing side by side. The said nothing as he approached and the men stared at Grub and his companions for several moments before one stepped forward and coughed. His great beard was clamped in several places and it almost touched the floor. He breathed in slowly before saying in a hoarse and ancient sounding but powerful voice “Hail Dragonborn, glory born of Akatosh”

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Random Post: 3 To much free time, and a lot of new characters

So, I got really, really, really, really bored the other day and started making up new characters for the story instead of writing the story, for something way in the future. Though it is kind of a double edged blade, stabbing me in the mind making me want to rush past a lot of the story because I can’t introduce most of them for a long, long time. So to compensate I will just tell you about them, because if I don’t I might drive my self insane waiting to. They will be very simple introductions as most are still in a rough state. The quotes section is from what I have already wrote for them, and to help get an idea of their personalities.

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Part 10: Reborn

Header 10

Grub and Inigo left Mare early, just as the sun was cracking over the mountains. The air was cool and Grub felt energized by it. He and Inigo made it to the Barrow a few hours after the sun had come up, there were several bandits outside but between the spells Grub threw around, most of which were Calm and Fear spells and Inigo’s incredible archery and swordsmanship they had no troubles. Once inside they had a brief fight with another bandit after Grub had used a Fury spell on one to cause it to assault its ally. After that they encountered one more bandit who killed himself on a trap that Grub saw before he even set it off. He and Inigo made it farther until they came across the largest spider Grub had ever seen. It was one and a half times the size of a large bull but Inigo and Grub took it down without getting touched. Then they met Arvel the Swift, who unsurprisingly ran off when they freed him from the spiders web only to be cut down by a painfully obvious trap. Grub felt his ire rising as they made their way through the Barrow. The idiocy of the Bandits was helpful but he found it irritating that they missed things he saw with such ease.

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